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Mattresses are very similar to gabions, except for the fact that they are usually much lower and wider, like a mattress/bed. They provide a natural solution for erosion prevention and construction on sloped areas.

These mattresses usually serve as foundations for gabion structures or are used for slope protection, wherein vertical retaining walls are not needed.

Just like gabions, Green Archer Mattresses are also wire boxes filled with stones used as surface protection against erosion and scouring. The entire mattress is crafted out of a single continuous piece of wire mesh to ensure strength and flexibility.

Green Archer Mattresses use only high quality and heavily galvanized, zinc-coated wires. PVC coating can also be added to the wires if the mattresses are to be used in corrosive environments such as marine and polluted areas.


Green Archer Mattresses are capable of withstanding shifts in the unstable land on which they are placed without failing. This is due to the flexibility of the hexagonal wire mesh.

The mattresses, when filled with rocks, are conduits for free drainage. Hydrostatic pressure is relieved when water flows through the gaps and cracks between the rocks. 

Green Archer Mattresses are able to absorb forces such as tension. This feature allows our mattresses to be used even in unstable areas and are capable of resisting scouring, settlement, wave power, & earthquakes.

Green Archer Mattresses are easy to install and use. They are delivered in an easy-to-assemble form, similar to opening a cardboard box and filling it with stones.

Green Archer Mattresses are designed for long term use. Through time, silt, soil and plant roots will settle into the gaps, making the mattresses stronger and turning them into a natural green barrier.

Green Archer Mattresses are more environment-friendly than the Rip-Rap Method in that they allow for plant growth on the slopes. In the long run, when the soil and plants grow on the mattresses, they will turn into a natural wall or hillside. The result is an aesthetically pleasing yet exceptionally durable structure.

Green Archer Mattresses help you save time and money. The mattresses are easy to install and almost no foundation preparation is needed. The stone fill for the mattresses can be obtained onsite or from nearby quarries. Finally, the mattresses do not need a customized drainage system, which is very costly to build, because the mattresses themselves are permeable.