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Note: You can learn more about each individual PlanterCell Green Wall product by clicking on the model numbers on the left-hand menu, under Green Wall (PlanterCell) > PCW (model number)


What is a Green Wall?

     PlanterCell Green walls are walls which are covered with plants, creating a lush green façade. It provides not only aesthetic value but also environmental and psychological benefits for both indoor and outdoor usage. The PlanterCell green wall system allows designers to create distinctive and stunning green walls with incredibly diverse plantings, ranging in size from small accent walls to green walls which cover the entire side of a building.

     The PlanterCell green wall system provides users an opportunity to transfer the beauty of nature to lifeless concrete structures.

PlanterCell Green Walls

     PlanterCell green walls are available in different designs and shapes to suit different design requirements and site conditions. Each system has its own liquid storage compartments which contain water and soluble nutrients to sustain healthy plant growth via capillary action.

     PlanterCell Green Wall systems are manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene (UV-stabilized). They are environmentally friendly and economical, lightweight and easy to install on both concrete and metal wall structures, and requires minimal maintenance.

The Basic Concept

     The layers of each system can be summarized as follows:

                1. PlanterCell Wall Tray

                2. Geotextile Layer

                3. Planting Mix

                4. Plants

Installation or Mounting

     Each PlanterCell Green Woof system is mounted to the wall by bolting it straight to the wall or to the stainless steel cladding which you have erected, save for the PlanterCell 125 which is usually stacked one tray over another in groups of 4, for easy access.

Advantages of PlanterCell

     - High Strength and durability

     - Suitable for retrofitting and/or new projects

     - Cost effective

     - Reusable

     - Modular design facilitates easy installation and maintenance


-          Helps conserve energy

-          Preservation of the building shell

-          Helps to control storm water runoff

-          Helps keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter

-          Reduces heat island effect

-          Noise reduction

-          Helps absorb and filter out dust and pollutants

-          Traps carbon dioxide and is able to produce oxygen

-          Creates a positive impact on our mental health

-          Encourages urban biodiversity within our cities