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     True Green is a series of interlocking containers that can hold foliage in an eco-friendly way to add a touch of nature to urban surroundings.

     The flower containers come in a variety of shapes & sizes, and can be connected to each other to create endless combinations of three-dimensional, large-scale floral arrangements.

     The True Green flower container is an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to indoor and outdoor landscaping.


     True Green Self Watering Flower Containers can be used to beautify public spaces such as sidewalks, park squares, road dividers, building entrances, lamp posts, guardrails, lobbies, lawns, Vertical walls, Fences, Garden structure, Roof decks, Columns, Balconies, Highway curbs, Events and ceremonies & more. 

     They can also be used to create vertical decorative walls in large open parks or even in small alley ways and confined spaces.


Minimal Maintenance Required

     Through the containers’ innovative design, flowers stay freshly watered for weeks on end, eliminating the need for daily maintenance and conserving precious water resources at the same time. Slivers of geotextile strips leading from the water to the soil compartment keep the soil moist and the flowers fresh for weeks.

     During the rainy season when water automatically fills up each plant compartment, the need for manual irrigation is reduced to at most, once a month or once every two months.

Endless Design Possibilities

     There are 5 basic shapes which can be mixed and matched to form different designs and shapes which suit your style. All you would need to do is connect them like Lego blocks to your desired shape.

Great Outdoor Displays

     The True Green Containers are made of hard plastic and can withstand exposure to the elements such as rain and storms without problems. It also can withstand direct exposure to the sun's UV Rays without problems.

Aesthetically Beautiful

     True Green containers easily disappear once filled with flowers on all sides, leaving viewers impressed with beautiful landscapes without a pot or artificial object in sight. 

Very Versatile Product Range

     With the True Green Flower Containers you can beautify almost any area. Whether you require small nests of bougainvilleas to wrap high around steel posts, or multi-level column stacks of color coordinated flowers to line the courtyard in front of your office building, True Green’s line of interlocking and water-retaining containers are the perfect solution for your needs.

Light weight and Easy to Assemble/Install

     True Green containers are made of lightweight materials, easily assembled into preferred shapes & installed several feet in the air if desired. Need a round, bulbous flower shrub for city sidewalks? A 20-foot pyramid of cascading bouquets to serve as a centerpiece to the lawn of your latest real estate condo development? Forget about heavy, fragile terra cotta pots that are difficult to mobilize & deploy.

Time, Labor and Energy Efficient

     Simply pick out your preferred containers and connect them to each other as you would with your Lego bricks. You are only limited by your creativity. This becomes especially important for special events and other temporary occasions that require rapid installations that are also easy to disassemble.

Durable and Reusable Product

     True Green containers do not disintegrate or show soil & water marks after just one use. They are also made of high-quality plastic which can endure exposure from the sun and the elements.Your flowers will surely benefit from True Green’s long-lasting technology.