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The XPS Insulation Board, manufactured exclusively by Eastern Wire Mfg. Inc., is an extruded polystyrene foam board that is made using a continuous extrusion process. The board has a rigid closed cell structure that allows for such unique properties as low water absorption, high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity. XPS Insulation Boards are perfect for insulating any surface, be it a roof, wall, ceiling or floor because of their durability, versatility, light weight, ease of installation and high thermal resistance.

It is currently being used as insulation in many projects nationwide, the most recent of which is the Canon manufacturing plant in Manila, which filled approximately 4000 square feet of roof deck with XPS to protect its highly sensitive factory equipment inside from the outside temperatures and changes in moisture levels.


To insulate is to reduce the transfer of heat. The thermal insulation of buildings and structures is fundamental for the reduction of heat dispersion. This allows significant savings in economic terms, as well as increased comfort in the work and living environment.

The technical characteristics of the XPS Rigid Insulation Board guarantees water resistance, humidity control, and elevated resistance to compression over time, optimum resistance to the diffusion of water vapor, a low flammability factor, and easy installation. These factors should not be ignored by builders. If applied properly, XPS Insulation panels will last as long as the building itself!


SAVE ON ENERGY - As energy costs keep spiraling upwards, paying for unnecessary changes in temperature seems nearly irresponsible. By simply installing insulation in structures, you can manage to save energy and keep costs down. Insulation traps air and moisture within its wall pockets in order to ensure that air flows--the tendency of air to move from high to low pressure areas--are controlled, thereby preventing energy loss.

REDUCE MOISTURE - Any structure will be exposed to the damaging effects of moisture in the long run. Moisture can come from rain, pipe leaks, condensation, and a lot more that ultimately threaten even the most solid building materials. XPS Insulation Boards are water-resistant and prevent moisture from penetrating wall cavities by deflecting the water from the wall surface.

INCREASE COMFORT - Inhabitants of insulated structures can immediately feel the difference. Whether it is summer or rainy season, XPS Insulation Boards can reduce the consumption of heating or cooling machines and provide greater comfort to the people living and working within the structure.


RESISTANCE TO WATER ABSORPTION - XPS Insulation Boards are highly-resistant to moisture and therefore can be applied to any structure to minimize moisture damage from rain, dew point condensation, foundation moisture and more.

RESISTANCE TO THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY - XPS Insulation Boards manage air flow to keep the standing room temperature constant, thus saving on energy costs.

HIGH COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH - The XPS Insulation Board’s closed cell structure allows it to have mechanical resistance and makes it particularly suitable to any load-bearing surface.

EASY TO INSTALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT - XPS Insulation Boards can adhere to virtually any surface - flat or non-flat, angled or inverted - and are easy to install because of their lightweight.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS - XPS Insulation Boards can just as easily be used on concrete, wood, stucco, steel or anything else you may be building with.

FIRE RETARDANT - Faced with a fire, XPS Insulation Boards simply melt, instead of spreading the flames.

DURABLE AND REUSABLE - It is not uncommon for XPS Insulation Boards that have been previously installed in structures several years old to still retain their good working condition and be reused in other projects.

RODENT AND PEST RESISTANT - XPS Insulation Boards are designed to withstand pest, bacteria, insect and rodent attacks and does not provide any fodder for them to live and survive within the boards.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - XPS Insulation Boards are easily managed, containing no corrosive chemicals that would adversely affect the skin of anyone handling it. They are also made without CFCs, ensuring that the environment is not harmed by their production.


XPS Insulation Boards can be applied to protect roof coverings from temperature fluctuations, UV radiation, mechanical damage, and excessive moisture. The XPS Insulation boards can also be used as insulation for warehouses and factories. The inner finishing is easily completed as the installation of the boards and roof covering is done in one operation. Loss of heat is restricted as the continuous use of XPS Insulation Boards on the outside of a roof prevents cold bridging and reduces condensation. The roof will be protected against humidity and ventilated at the same time.

XPS Insulation Boards are ideal for inverted roofs especially if you are concerned about mechanical damage, UV radiation damage, and damages from temperature fluctuations. When installed, the structure's fire resistance capabilities are increased. In this type of application, the boards are placed above the roof covering, thus acting as a waterproof layer and a water vapor barrier that enables the construction and installation of the roof to become much easier. The roof covering is now protected from any sort of damage. With XPS Insulation Boards, installation is possible in any type of weather.

XPS Insulation Boards can be used on internal and external walls in structures that require thermal insulation. By insulating these walls, you save a lot on energy costs. The boards help maintain a consistent temperature in the enclosed space, preventing the intrusion of heat. XPS Insulation Boards adhere perfectly even on non-flat surfaces. Mortar can be applied directly on the insulation boards. On surfaces that prove rougher to install, the XPS Insulation Boards can be installed using metal or plastic fasteners.

XPS Insulation Boards are durable enough to be installed under any type of flooring. They can be placed either on top or under the concrete, and are also compatible with sub-floor heating systems. The foam board’s load bearing strength make it suitable for floors in storage houses, underneath parking lots, residential as well as commercial structures. Installing XPS Insulation Boards underneath the floor has been proven to help reduce energy loss and keep moisture from moving in. Buildings with basements, in particular, are at a higher risk for increased moisture from the foundation walls. The XPS Insulation Boards can manage that moisture and reduce the risk of moisture damage to your structure.

XPS Insulation Boards can help manage dampness and prevent leaks in structures that are built below the ground. Their thermal insulating capabilities are also useful when storing objects that require a specific room temperature to be kept constant. Furthermore, the superior insulative quality of XPS Insulation Boards is a bonus if the basement is used for habitation or as a working area.

Making the switch to XPS foundation insulation is easy. Specific changes may depend on a builder’s current practice for insulating foundations. If the current practice involves use of another type of insulation, the change can involve nothing more than a simple substitution; however, differences in R-value may require a slight increase or decrease in insulation thickness.

Attaching XPS insulation to foundation walls can be done with appropriate construction adhesives and/or power-driven fasteners with suitable washers. If furring strips are used over the XPS insulation board to allow attachment of finishes, these can be used to help secure the insulation boards to the foundation wall.